Coonara Wood Heater Models

  • Coonara Wood Heater Models

    Top Coonara Wood Heater Models

    A Coonara wood heater has a unique range of compelling and efficient Coonara wood heater models. It continues the legacy of one of  Australia’s most popular wood heaters.  Coonara was first developed to allow the Austrlain public a proud Australian  made and owned brand. The freestanding wood heater has come a long way and is now available in different styles and cater to a variety of spaces. If you want to keep you warm and cozy once it gets chilly, you cannot go wrong with the Coonara wood heater models.

    1. Coonara Settler C500

    The Coonara Settler C500 is the perfect wood heater that everyone deserves. It allows you to enjoy your free time and relax once it gets chilly. The reason why it is one of the best Coonara wood heater models is because it is very efficient and heats the space effectively. This means that you would need to spend less time cleaning than a open fire model. The wood heater provides all the warmth and character of a traditional log fire. It has a 3-speed fan, cast iron liners, and self-cleaning viewing window. You can use this wood heater to heat up as much as 20 square meter of open living space. The best thing about the wood heater is that it makes it easy to heat up your room.

    1. Coonara Fire Lite

    The next wood heater that you should consider getting is the Coonara Fire Lite. It is a stylish heater that will instantly transform the look and feel of your home. It does a great job at enhancing the appearance of the space. Its large self-cleaning viewing windows and cast iron liners offer optimum warmth. The wood heater has been finely crafted to heat up as much as 32 square meter of space. You can count on it to offer elegance and power. The sheer comfort that comes with the Coonara Fire Lite is unlike any other. You get to choose where to place it in your home and move it to remain warm at all times. It does not get better than this.

    1. Coonara Freestanding Compact

    The Coonara Freestanding Compact is a smaller wood heater that instantly heats up every space and does an incredible job at providing comfort. The ultra smooth freestanding wood heater will warm up your property in no time. The best part about the wood heater is that it is small enough to fit every home. It still manages to heat up to 100 meter square of space. Its stunning looks make it the perfect addition for every home. You cannot go wrong with the wood heater. One can expect outstanding warmth through and through with the wood heater.


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Coonara Wood Heater Models