Coonara is one of the most popular brands of home heating systems in Australia

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    The Coonara wood heater brand is synonymous with Australia and has a history based on quality, reliability, heating capacity and low running costs. Generations of Australians and their families for over 35 years have spent entire cold winters, gathered around their Coonara Wood Heater. The reputation and rustic charm of the Coonara Wood Heater brand is built with local and overseas materials, which are up there with the best. Nick Daniels BBQ, Heating & Outdoor is a leading distributor in Coonara Wood Heaters in Melbourne and as such, has the knowledge and expertise to create value for your home.

    Coonara Wood Heater

    Low cost to running ratio compared to other brands.

    Locally built and manufactured with available support and parts.

    Renown to heat up large volumes of space in a variety of homes.

    Priced exceptionally well per unit compared to other brands.

    Long lasting and durable with consistent use.

    All Coonara Wood Heaters come with a 10 year warranty.

    Freestanding Or In-built Model

    Whether you want a freestanding or in-built model, you can rest assured that your new heater will provide optimal warmth thanks to the powerful 3-speed fans that help circulate heat. Coonara heaters are fully compliant with Australian standards for emissions and power output. Nick Daniels first class level service and installation process allows for a seamless transition from purchase right through to completion, ensuring all compliance and requirements, are both safe and secure.

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