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    Surviving the Australian winters is not easy. However, Coonara has been making the lives of fellow Aussies a whole lot easier ever since it was incorporated in the early 1980s. We provide the best heaters that money can possibly buy. Our products are made by hand using locally produced and top grade materials.

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    Coonara Wood Heaters are proudly Australian made for fellow Aussies. If you are on the lookout for wood heaters, you can rest assured that we have your back. Choose Coonara for all your heating needs as we strive to satisfy. No day will go dull with our products. Our customers are confident about our products and continue to use our products to this very day. Thus, you have to give our wood heaters a try.


    What sets Coonara apart from other wood heater manufacturers is that we have mastered each and every manufacturing aspect to provide wood heaters that last the test of time. We are extremely proud of our wood heaters considering the fact that you can use them for as long as you want. Our expertise allows us to continue providing fellow Aussies with a product that they can rely on. Forget about chilly winters once you start using our wood heaters. They are super easy to use and quickly heat up the space so that you do not have to worry about anything.


    Coonara is an innovative company that uses the latest technology to provide gas log heaters that offer higher efficiency heating. We are an environmentally friendly company. If you care about the environment just as much as we do, you need to purchase wood heaters from us. We strive to deliver environmentally friendly products that are extremely durable and help cut down your heating costs considerably.

    Amazing Staff

    The main reason behind our success is our amazing staff. Their support and dedication has allowed Coonara to truly flourish and become the top Australian manufacturer for wood heaters. Every product is locally manufactured while ensuring that the highest standards are met. We owe everything to our workforce and are committed to providing the best workplace to our employees. We understand just how hardworking they are and want to reward them for their effort.

    Comfort and Warmth

    Coonara is a company that oozes comfort and warmth. Our entire range of wood and gas log heaters will make your winters a whole lot better. You will get to enjoy the colder weather and spend time with your family like never before. As the championed wood heater manufacturer, we are always working to extend comfort and warmth through our product range.

    Become a Part of Our Story

    When anyone chooses Coonara, they get to become a part of our story and help bring about a change. Help us prove to the world just how amazing Australian products can be in the global market and protect local jobs. There is no better way to show our mighty nation just how proud you are.